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Just about eight days to go. Rio 2016 is just around the corner and it is safe to say that Team TTO is primed and ready.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 20:18

Ministry Wants Wallerfield Crash Report

The fallout from the horrific crash out at Wallerfield on Sunday continues and now the Ministry of Sport is seeking answers from the local governing body.

Contrary to popular belief, health and safety practices don't only apply to the oil and gas industry they are the responsibility of every business. And until this country gets serious about promoting standard health and safety practices its ability to conduct business on an international scale will be compromised.

This was the main message at The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago annual HSE Conference on Tuesday evening.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said recommendations from the National Consultation on Education will be incorporated into the GLOBE programme.

He was speaking at GLOBE Conference at Plipdeco House in Point Lisas. Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE), is an international educational programme that promotes environmental science amongst students, teachers and the scientific research community.

With oil and gas prices fluctuating around the globe, energy funded countries have been scrambling, to come up with ways to diversify their respective economies.

The Tourism Ministry, The Tourism Development Company and the Small Tourism Enterprises Project, launched 'A People, Productivity and Sustainability Symposium', themed 'Tourism is My Business’ aimed at reviving the sector.

Crowdfunding websites may not be the best option for citizens, because Trinis seem reluctant to use their credit cards online.

But Luis Vasquez La Roche, an artist and lecturer discovered, it doesn't mean that they aren't generous, he's met his funding goals, even if the website doesn't reflect that.

Activist Wendell Eversley is appealing to the Opposition to throw its support behind the government in the Bail Amendment Bill.

Mr Eversley, a hostage in the 1990 attempted coup in the Red House, was speaking to reporters outside the building, as he commemorated the events, 26 years ago.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 19:17

ArcelorMittal Workers Still Struggling

It's almost five months now since ArcelorMittal closed its operations in this country, leaving almost 700 families on the breadline. And to date the workers are still seeking answers as to how such a situation was allowed to occur.

Chief Labour Relations Officer of the Steelworkers Union Timothy Bailey told C News something must be done.

As Trinidad and Tobago acknowledges the 26th anniversary of the July 27th 1990 attempted coup, some citizens are still disappointed that the perpetrators behind the coup were not held accountable.

The Environmental Management Authority and the Institute of Marine Affairs say that Corexit is not the cause of the fish kill in the Gulf of Paria.

The EMA says the results of laboratory testing, support the initial investigation's findings, which pointed to the likely cause of the fish kill being as a result of a fish dump of unwanted or spoilt catch, and not as a result of an oil spill, red tide or the presence of Corexit.

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