Wired - Road March Winners' Row

Wired takes a look at nine singers who’ve had the most success in the history of the Road March competition.

Wired looks at the Top Soca Monarch performances over the years.

Held under the trees of the Campus Principal’s Office, as is tradition, feters were invited to roam "The Secret Garden" whilst jamming to the sounds of Soca.

Wired - Stumped

With the Carnival season in full swing, every weekend is expectedly full of vibes and energy - two things that Red Ants Carnival promised to deliver with Stumped.

Wired - iUP Soca x Sunrise 2018

Wet, wild, blazing sun and Soca!

Wired - Tribe Ice

Some would say that Soka in Moka was the first fete to set the tone for the year, even falling on New Year’s Day. However, many others would claim the Carnival has not officially started unless they hit up “Tribe Ice.”

Wired - Soka In Moka

Celebrating 19 years, the annual Soka in Moka All-Inclusive Fete did not disappoint patrons who were dazzled with sumptuous food, premium drinks and great music.

Salt Prune Documentary

Have any of you ever wondered what life in T&T was like before the war?

Patrick S. Castagne composed the words of the national anthem in 1962.

The National Flag was designed by the Independence Committee and  selected to be used as the National Flag in 1962.

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With the Big Six coming to a completion on Thursday, teams are still unclear who goes through to the Playoffs.
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