The haze associated with the Saharan dust will still be around on Thursday but should clear up by Friday. Unfortunately, hazy conditions may return later in the weekend. Ean Wallace tells us more.

Weather For Thursday April 6th, 2017

It's still hazy and Saharan dust still extends into Atlantic, so asthmatics take care.

Persons with asthma and other respiratory illnesses or allergies are asked to take the necessary precautions as a large and thick layer of Saharan dust should thin and gradually clear on Thursday. Ean Wallace has the forecast.

The expanse of Saharan dust will linger across the Eastern Caribbean midweek.

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says there will be mostly dry air across Tobago but with some breeze. Trinidad will see more Saharan dust in the air.

Not a good day for black cars or asthmatics. As Ean Wallace tells us, there are hazy dull skies around due to a thick blanket of Saharan dust.

The Saharan dust may cause breathing issues if you're asmathic or have pollen allergies. The large and thick layer of dust will cover much of the Lesser Antilles and take several days to clear. Ean Wallace has more. 

Long swells and dust are expected to affect the islands today.

A lot more haze is expected throughout T&T on Tuesday. For those heading to the beaches, Meteorologist Ean Wallace advises caution.

Many areas are seeing a lot of Saharan dust and some of that may push into parts of Jamaica.

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