Meteorologist Ean Wallace says another Tropical Wave will add to the rain gauge, making it wet and unsettled on Thursday, Friday and into Saturday.

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says there will be a lot of moisture around, with the possibility of some heavy bursts across the Windward Islands. 

More Wet Season weather is expected, with the possibility of street or flash flooding. 

Today's Tropical Wave is crossing the Lesser Antilles. Meteorologist Ean Wallace says the view from space shows more rain clouds gathering East of the islands.

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says look for a scattering of showers, with some turning heavy or thundery.

A Tropical Wave will bring lots of moisture to the Eastern Caribbean. 

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says there'll be moisture coming across most islands due to a Tropical Wave.

Hot, mixed skies are expected until midweek. Two wet Tropical Waves to follow from Thursday into weekend.

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says the remnants of Tropical Depression Four hangs around to dampen the Leewards through Tuesday.

The children's rhyme goes July standby, August come it must. Meteorologist Ean Wallace says it takes a lot more as forecasters monitor each Tropical Wave leaving Africa.

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