More rains may well impact those low-lying areas due to the waterlogged soils says Ean Wallace. Here’s the local weekend forecast.

The southern Caribbean may see more rainclouds coming by says Ean Wallace in the Caribbean Travel forecast.

There should be mostly settled skies in Tobago tonight and tomorrow. Trinidad will see a clear, cool night but there will be clouds by tomorrow afternoon into evening due to a Tropical Wave.

A Tropical Wave is set to make its way across the Eastern Caribbean by this weekend so there could be some showers. Meanwhile, Cindy is expected to affect some parts of the United States with rains and floods and could disrupt travel.

Some sunshine on Thursday will no doubt help recovery efforts after Tropical Storm Bret, but a scattering of showers on Friday is possible.

The Met Service has discontinued its Riverine Flood Alert. 

There was welcome sunshine and the Rough Seas Bulletin has been discontinued.

"June too soon." Meteorologist Ean Wallace says there've been three named Storms for this month when historically, the first named weather system is usually at the start of July.

Meteorologist Ean Wallace says even though we have seen the last of Tropical Storm Bret and the Caroni River is subsiding, there could be more rain by the weekend. 

The Met Service continues the Riverine Flood Alert. Meteorologist Ean Wallace says it will be a clear and cool night for many.

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