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Friday, 07 April 2017 14:35

Minister Calls For Probe Into Allegations Of Misconduct & Misuse Of Funds At Sangre Grande Regional Corporation

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April 7, 2017, Kent House, Maraval – On March 21, 2017 the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government received correspondence contending misconduct and misuse of funds at the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.

Upon receipt of this information, Minister Kazim Hosein requested that a full investigation be launched in order to determine the facts of the matter so that the appropriate actions can be taken.

As such, on March 22, 2017 Permanent Secretary Ms. Desdra Bascombe wrote to the Director of Personnel Administration, Service Commissions Department to request the appointment of an Investigating Officer to enquire into the contention of impropriety.

Further to this, the Ministry has also requested an audit of the operations of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation as a matter of urgency.

Minister Kazim Hosein has also contacted the Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Mr. Martin Terry Rondon requesting swift internal action to investigate these claims.

He asserted, “Politicians and public servants are accountable to the people and must do their duties to provide the services that are outlined in their mandates, while strictly adhering to the rules set out by the Financial, and Civil Service Regulations.”

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government treats all information of this nature as a matter of priority and has followed the necessary procedures to ensure that it is decisively and appropriately resolved.


Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government 

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