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San Fernando Mayor Insists On Humane Treatment When Feeding Street Dwellers

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October 20, 2016 – “It is not sanitary nor is it humane to feed someone on the ground. Homeless people are deserving of better standards than that,” asserted Alderman Haji Kazim Hosein. After consultations with the homeless population, the San Fernando City Council took action to construct the San Fernando Centre for Displaced Persons. This was the very first consultation undertaken by the Mayor after he was sworn in.

“Every action I have taken in this city has been done in consultation with the public, and homeless people in the city asked for a place like this,” said the Mayor. The Centre is very close to completion and will be a place of sanctuary for the displaced population providing three meals, bathroom facilities, a place to overnight if they desire, and basic medical attention when needed.

In June, the San Fernando City Corporation hosted a Day of Care for the Homeless, offering meals, medical checkups, a hot bath, haircuts and, distributing clothes, shoes and supplies to the homeless population. “This event was a resounding success, and the people came out to receive help, which just goes to show that they want facilities like this to be available to them and will definitely benefit from the Centre,” he added.

“The suggestion to discourage feeding the homeless on the street primarily addresses the dignity and safety of this disenfranchised portion of the population. Once the Centre is up and running, and individuals are comfortable going there, it will no longer be necessary to feed them on the streets,” the Mayor continued. He placed emphasis on showing compassion to the displaced persons in the city, while maintaining their dignity through feeding them in a space actually designed for such, rather than on the roadside.

The Mayor reiterated that rules for feeding the homeless will be for the purpose of directing people to utilize the Centre for its intended purpose, and nothing will be done without extensive consultation with the NGOs, religious organizations, social groups and individuals who have taken up assisting the homeless as their cause.

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