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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 15:19

Noel Garcia Condemns Publishing Las Alturas Errata, Calls For Legal Action Against Commissioners

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The move by the Commission of Enquiry into the Las Alturas Housing Development to correct the record by publishing an Errata is a most dangerous development. It is to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

It has occurred after the former Managing Director of the Housing Development Corporation revealed to the public the damaging and misleading untruths about him contained in the official report, and threatened to take the Commission to Court for having published such falsehoods. Among the untruths told in the official report is the fabrication that Buildings “H” and “I” were built under the stewardship of the former Managing Director. The Errata seeks to correct that falsehood, more than 2 weeks after it was signed, and after that falsehood has been published and republished to the whole country. It is too little, and too late.

The fact is, that the Commission chose to make derogatory statements about the former Managing Director in its report dated August 30, 2016, which were highly publicized. Immediately on the report having been made public, the former Managing Director sought publicly to show that the Commission’s findings were irrational, unreasonable and were the result of a plain and obvious political witch-hunt. The former Managing Director also immediately signaled his intention to file for judicial review of the Commission’s findings.

Having been caught-out, the Commission has now rushed to publish its Errata, by which they now seek to correct their falsehoods by changing the very findings that the former Managing Director was about to challenge. In so doing, the Commission is acting as a law unto itself. By its actions the Commission has demonstrated that it is hell-bent on preventing the former Managing Director from obtaining redress from the Courts, as is his constitutional right. In seeking to cover up its incompetence and to shut the former Managing Director out from the Court, it is riding rough-shod over citizens’ rights. Such behaviour on the Commission’s part, to use the Commission’s own words applied maliciously to the former Managing Director, is “pathetic”.

It was to be expected of a Commission chaired by a retired Court of Appeal Judge, that it would at least get its facts straight, before it chose to publish falsehoods about individuals. The public was entitled to no less, having paid tens of millions of dollars to secure the Commission’s report. What the public got instead was a half-baked report, filled with inaccuracies where the former Managing Director was concerned. The Commissioners should immediately refund to taxpayers the millions of dollars in fees which they no doubt received for producing what is a botched report. If there are to be any recommendations worth pursuing as a result of this Commission of Enquiry, it would be that the public should pursue its remedies in law against these incompetent Commissioners.

The Commissioners should hang their heads in collective shame.


- From the desk of Noel Garcia

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