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The daughter of TTT hostage Jones P. Madeira, Laura Lee Madeira-Williams, discusses what it was like to live through the 1990 Attempted Coup.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 13:37

News Update for Wednesday July 27th 2016

Reflections on the 1990 attempted coup; Ace guitarist Fitzroy Coleman has died at the age of 93; A call for help is made on behalf of retrenched ArcelorMittal workers; another murder is recorded; regional and sports round-up are among our stories. 

After completing a diploma in fashion design at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion, Danielle Murray was determined to find her niche in the industry. That's what influenced her decision to try her hand at handbags. She says she made a few pieces and was overwhelmed by the response.

With the encouragement of those closest to her, Danielle decided to make even more pieces, this time posting photographs on social media. The rest, as they say is history!

In tonight's instalment of I'm Every Woman, C News reporter Dionne Baptiste, introduces us to Danielle Murray, the creative genius behind Drevait, a local designer brand, which produces limited edition handbags.

Some say the best way to lead is by example and after fishermen recorded poor sales as a result of thousands of dead fish washing up on the coast, some took matters into their own hands by conducting a taste test to prove the fish is safe for consumption.

Government plans to convene a highly technical meeting to discuss the importation of meat and meat products into Trinidad and Tobago to ensure the safety of citizens. This, from the Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 19:38

Cricket Clubs Get Grants

Several lucky local cricket clubs are smiling a bit after they received grants to the tune of TT$20,000 to assist in their operations and development.

David Lyons' account of the events which unfolded at Wallerfield on Sunday is crucial to ongoing investigation into the crash which injured four patrons at the CMRC.

Public Utilities Minister Ancil Antoine says a meeting between him and officials at the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union are in the cards in the near future - that's if the union leaders show up. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 19:31

Remembering Jason 'Moon' Clark

There are some people we meet along life's journey, that leave a lasting impression just by the way they live their lives, no matter what their situation. Kent Fuentes tells about one such young man who unfortunately passed away last Saturday.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 19:30

Olympic Spotlight: Boxing

Several T&T Olympians have settled in nicely at their Pre-Olympic Camp in Sao Paolo, Brazil and now must wait anxiously as the count down continues to the start of the Rio Olympic Games.

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