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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 17:19

PM instructs AG to look into contracts at State Companies

Written by C News
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Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has instructed the Attorney General to look into the spending and the awarding of contracts by some State-owned companies.

Dr. Rowley gave confirmation as he told supporters at a Public Meeting in St. Joseph of hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by the Tourism Development Company for a radio talk show programme and a $35 million contract signed by the National Lotteries Control Board to relocate from State-owned CNMG on Maraval Road in Port of Spain.

After years of hosting the Play Whe, Lotto, Pick 4 and Cash Pot draws at the State-owned media station in Port of Spain, the NLCB signed a multi-million dollar contract last year and moved to a private building in St. James.

Prime Minister Rowley said taxpayers had to pay for the activities of the last administration.

"Those who just went out of office found it necessary and found a way to bring that activity outside of the government's premises and it end up falling in the (then) Minister lap for $35 million for a five-year period."

According to the Prime Minister, two companies paid about $750,000 to CNMG for air-time on one of its radio frequencies to facilitate the spread of "propaganda" in the lead-up to the 2015 election campaign.

The companies were the Tourism Development Company and the National Lotteries Control Board.

"May 2013, $86,000. June 2013, $100,000. July 2013, $86,000. August 2013 and so on and so on. By the time you come to April of the following year, $734,000 to the Ground Report."

He has instructed Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi to look into the two matters, among others.

"I am instructing the Attorney General tonight to advise the Minister of Planning and Development about CDA and the Minister of Finance about any contract as described in the papers where the public interest is not being served and do not hesitate to intervene the relevant Ministers."

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