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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 18:50

Workers must get serious about working class interests

Written by C News
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Instead of leaving it up to employers to make all the decisions that affect workers, the working class should stand up, be counted and show more concern for their welfare.

Bankers, Insurance and General Workers Union President, Vincent Cabrera, who is also an Executive Member of the Joint Trade Union Movement, wants to see more commitment from the working class.

"You need a consistent and disciplined approach to trade union matters and trade union issues and trade union and industrial relations issues are indeed complex issues so they demand a lot of attention and workers need to become more serious about their interests as workers. I think employers are more interested, are more concerted in defending their interest than workers. Many workers simply leave it up to the leaders and that is the wrong approach."

He reiterated JTUM's stance regarding retrenchment. Mr. Cabrera said the employers, by seeking their own interests, are in a hurry to retrench workers.

"All of the evidence shows that in the large majority of cases, employers and firms are making money. In fact, they are making more profits than they made the year before."

He believes this is a bad practice that can in turn affect the economy negatively.

"What could really lead to a real recession is thousands of workers being sent home, not being able to keep up their purchasing power and so firms themselves cannot sell their services and their products."

Labour Day is on Sunday June 19th.  

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