Ramish and Leela
Sunday, 24 June 2018 17:33

Cross-Dressing Laws Brought Forward By Guyanese Transgender Community

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Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes will argue the case for several women, at the Caribbean Court of Justice.   

The case involves four young working-class transgender Guyanese women who are challenging the constitutionality of an 1893 Post-Slavery Vagrancy Provision under which they were convicted and fined by the then acting Chief Magistrate.  

They had been arrested in February 2009 in Georgetown, Guyana, under a law which makes it an offence for a man "in any public way or public place," to appear in female attire, or for a woman, "in any public way or public place," to appear in male attire. 

Other offences in the act include roguery, practising obeah and witchcraft, flying a kite, beating a mat and grooming an animal on a public way.

The legal argument to be made is that the law is unconstitutionally vague, engages in sex stereotyping and disproportionately affects transgender and gender-non-conforming persons. 

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