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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 19:00

Archivist: Calypso Has Changed, And Not Necessarily For The Better

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They changed the whole thing!

That's the view expressed by Cultural Archivist/Researcher, Edward "Teddy" Pinheiro, when asked to share his thoughts on calypso music and calypso competitions today.

He said this and other changes have resulted in a lot of singers, who can't be correctly labelled calypsonians, buying music they can't properly perform.

Mr. Pinheiro said calypso writing is not an easy task and it's critical to preserving the authenticity of the artform.

Sadly, he lamented that it isn't taken as seriously today, as it was back then.

Commenting on his work as a Researcher and Cultural Archivist, he said it is important that our music be preserved and shared.

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