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Teenager’s Body Found Floating In Freeport Pond

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Police are investigating the murder of a teenaged boy in Freeport.
The body of 15 year old Emmanuel Okeiro was found floating in a pond on Friday morning.
The body bore stab wounds to the neck and face.
Emmanuel left home around 2:15 on Thursday afternoon to go to the Bethel House of God Church where he normally sets up a fruit stand to vend.
His mother called him an hour later to check on him and she told police he spoke to her.
Further calls later went unanswered.
Not hearing from him, she went to the location to check on him but could not find him.
She noticed blood and called police.
Sergeant Jobe searched the area but did not find the boy.
Police went back to the scene on Friday morning and searched the adjoining land where they found Emmanuel’s body floating in the pond.
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