Monday, 06 June 2016 14:34

More protection needed for children

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Child Consultant Hazel Thompson-Ahye says parents and guardians should do more to protect their children, since what is written in law isn't enough.

Mrs. Thompson-Ahye made the statement during CTV's Good Morning Trinidad and Tobago Programme on Monday.

"Child rights really is what the world has come together and said these are the minimum standards for children. It's not a perfect instrument because it's been as a result of compromise because you try to accommodate just about everybody. For example, there is nothing that says 'the beginning of childhood.' It tells you the end of childhood."

The Consultant also said this country has been keeping up with international child rights.

"Denial of one right affects the other rights. So if you deny me my right to health, you are denying my right to survival and development. If you deny me my right to education, then you are also denying me my right to develop to my fullest potential."

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