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Monday, 06 June 2016 17:15

Differently-abled need equal access to education

Written by C News
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Differently-abled persons in T&T do not have equal access to education at all levels.

During a Joint Select Committee hearing on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity on Monday, the Consortium of Disability Organizations (CODO) revealed some of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities.

Nichol Alves of the Autistic Society said education is hampered by barred entry and bullying.

"We've had many complaints of persons being denied education alongside their regular peers. Even within Special Schools, persons with autism are not included so there is that denial of the free and appropriate and of course, we meet a lot of the early intervention, so that's Primary, Secondary school age. Apart from that, there is a lot of bullying in the Secondary School."

According to Interpreting Officer Niobe Rodrigues, hearing impaired students suffer from a lack of interpreters and cannot go onto tertiary education.

"Most deaf people are not qualified to go on to tertiary level education because they don't get their CXC passes, they are not able to access A-level exams and these are the requirements that they need to go on to tertiary level education."

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