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Workers at State Company to protest closure, Delmon considers legal action against Minister

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Employees under the Human Capital Development Facilitation Company Limited that was formed under the now disbanded Ministry of Tobago Development came together on Monday to address issues regarding plans by the Government to shut down the programme.

The employees/trainees said they are prepared to hold protest action against the decision taken by the Government.

They are crying out for the programme to continue, even though the Government has announced its intention to terminate it.

One woman said: "I find if they want to close it down, it will be really unfair to us because some of us depending on it and for me, I need it."

A man said: "If we have to walk the streets of Scarborough and go by the Chief Secretary so that he can speak up on behalf of Tobago, that is what we will do."

Meanwhile, former Tobago Development Minister Dr. Delmon Baker, under whose leadership the programme was established, said so far, no communication has happened between the Government and the employees and that he said is a cause for concern.

"They are not sure whether the announcement made on Thursday indicated that the programme itself will be closed tomorrow, by Friday, at the end of the month or at the end of the two-year contract period for which they have. So that this is a huge element that they are not aware of what is happening at this stage. We have to fix that."

Dr. Baker also called statements made against him by Minister in the Ministry of the Office of the Attorney General, Stuart Young, slanderous.

At last week's Post Cabinet Media Briefing, Minister Young said following a Report by a two-member panel, Cabinet had taken a decision to wind up operations of the Human Development Facilitation Company Limited - a State Enterprise that he said was created in order to help the former Ministry of Tobago Development suppress and undermine the roles and functions of the Tobago House of Assembly, and appeared "to be no more than an expensive, financial conduit surreptitiously intended to spend money on programmes, intent on supporting the fledgling political capital of the former Minister of Tobago Development, Dr. Delmon Baker."

Dr. Baker disputed this, saying: "I would like to see that report to make sure that my lawyers get a copy of that report so that I could take action because the statements are slanderous and litigious."

Dr. Baker said he's getting his lawyers involved and once he's privy to the document Minister Young was referring to, he'll take him to court.

"Once my lawyers advise that that there is enough information in the pronouncements made by Minister Young and by the members of that reporting body, we will take legal action."

Minister Stuart Young had also said a valet for "the sartorial image and to improve the image of Dr. Baker" was built and proposed a criminal and civil investigation by the Office of the Attorney General into the matter.

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