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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 15:39

Review process needed for Immigration detainees

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Social Activist Khafra Kambon is calling for justice for Immigration detainees.

In light of the detention, once again, of a man who was leaving the country with permission from the National Security Minister but was re-held by the Immigration Department, he said a process has to be created where detainees' cases can be reviewed.

"There is no review of these matters to see whether or not an injustice has been done to the person. There is no review. No matter how you try, we have made the recommendations. Let us get these cases reviewed and they should not be reviewed by persons who have a vested interest for whatever reason in punishing these people. Let people who are outside of that. You have to have Immigration Officers but not those who have been directly part of this process."

Mr. Kambon said the country would not stand up to the scrutiny of any international organisation on this particular immigration matter. He emphasised that prolonged detention of immigrants allows for their being subject to physical brutality that is highly questionable as well as other human rights violations against them.

"You can't detain human beings indefinitely. It is against all the Treaties, all the Conventions on human rights that this country has signed and you cannot be depriving wives and children of their husbands and families in the way that it is being so ruthlessly done in Trinidad and Tobago. We would look extremely bad in front of any human rights body because of our treatment of these people."

The Social Activist said policies and personnel in the Immigration Division are affecting the country negatively, necessitating the Prime Minister's personal touch.

The Prime Minister has indicated his intention to visit Jamaica to deal with the way Jamaicans claimed they are treated by Immigration officials.


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