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Friday, 10 June 2016 17:39

Change in work hours for PM's security detail

Written by C News
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Prompt and positive answers to the pleas of the Prime Minister's Special Branch security detail.

The officers who provide security for Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley have been heard by the Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams. Their complaint is that they are required to work hours which are too long and as a result, they are deprived of family time and night rest.

President of the Police Service Social Welfare Association Anand Ramesar told C News that a meeting was held on Friday and it was all good news for the special service officers.

"The Commissioner would have demonstrated an understanding in relation to the plight and the complaints of the officers. However, he has been very proactive and he has given the directive that that working arrangement was up and a working routine that is more amenable to the wellbeing of the officers will be reinstituted so they will work 24 hours on followed by 48 hours on leave."

Mr. Ramesar said they are also guarding against victimisation and will be monitoring whether officers are transferred due to the complaints aired.

"We will not tolerate any efforts to victimise our officers, especially as the Association is aware that transfer is one of the most common forms of victimisation so we are saying to the Head of the Special Branch Department we are monitoring what is happening."

The Association is pleased at the prompt response of the Commissioner of Police as they note that the non-monetary compensation negotiated is extremely meaningful for their members.

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