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Monday, 13 June 2016 16:42

La Brea residents seek meeting with MP for more jobs

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Residents in the Eastern side of the La Brea constituency protested over what they said was a lack of employment opportunities in their community on Monday.

The group called the Community Base Organization People for Progress congregated outside the La Brea constituency office calling on their MP, Nicole Olivierre, to do something to help them.

Group Chairman Victor Roberts said constituents are hurting and had written the Minister on January 6th this year seeking an urgent meeting to discuss their problems.

"In terms of the unemployment situation, the road conditions, the drainage problem and a number of other problems we have within the community."

Mr. Roberts also commented on the distribution of jobs in the area, saying that there was no equality.

"This side of La Brea cannot go down there and work because we outside the fence line. So we are asking for a fence line to be drawn up between Siparia Corporation, Petrotrin Lease Operators so the persons who are suffering, those who are in poverty, the young children who are unable to go to school because of a lack of parents working, that they will be able to get something so we could help ease the problem in this community before it get out of hand. We already have a number of killings in La Brea and pretty soon, the way things are going, that may even spread to over here."

Meanwhile, MP Olivierre responded to questions from the media about protests outside her constituency office regarding jobs in the area and the call from some of her constituents that she be replaced as MP.

"When I was at my Rancho constituency office last Saturday, he was scheduled to come and see me at that office and he did not show up. I have spoken with that particular individual previously last year and I did promise that I would meet with him. He has my number, he can easily call me."

The MP acknowledged that unemployment is a problem in the area.

"Again, we said if the Alutrint smelter project had gone ahead, these problems, we may not be faced with them currently but we are making efforts to at least repopulate, get projects into the Labidco and Union Industrial Estates. The CGCL plant, that has started construction and as part of the agreement that was made with the six fence line communities, most of the local content, there is a great emphasis on community content in terms of the contractors within those six communities."

The MP said road conditions and flooding in the area are being addressed with the Ministry of Works having assessed major and secondary roads.

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